Weekend Writing Warriors #3

This is a continuation of my first chapter, so if you haven’t read the previous posts (or need a reminder) check out the first here and the most recent here. To meet some new authors, read some great writing, or join in the 8-sentence fun, stop by at Weekend Writing Warriors!Image

Asa pressed his lips into a thin line, but turned back to the table, where one of his beloved plants sat in the center. Sludge spores had begun to creep up its stem, its edges browning and tainted with rot. “First, you need to focus, steady your breathing, center your energy.”

He closed his eyes, and both hands reached out for the defiant blot of green. “Find your core, then the sickness–you’ll be able to feel it, reach out for that.”

As I watched, the silver-blue glow of Amaranthine radiated out from his chest, weaving down his arms and into his fingertips. It ventured from his fingertips onto the leaves, enveloping them in blue.

The sludge began to evaporate, wiped clean without a single touch–the plant straightened, and stretched as if waking from a long sleep.


Now we’re finally starting to get somewhere 🙂 This is the first introduction to the world’s magic, and in the next post, you will see what makes magic a conflict for Falcon. With such short snippets, getting through the first chapter is taking longer than I expected, but I do hope you’ll stick around to find out what’s next. Thanks for stopping by, looking forward to all your posts, and Happy 8sunday!


Blog Post and Novel Excerpt © Victoria Davenport & the Coffee.Write.Repeat. blog

9 thoughts on “Weekend Writing Warriors #3

  1. Very visual, Victoria. What an interesting world you’re creating. And, after the last two weeks, I’m so glad that there’s magic that can take on the spores and sludge. 🙂
    Good 8!


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