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Hey all! Thanks so much for stopping by, here is this Friday’s Worthy of the Week, a weekly breakdown of things worth sharing. If you like what you see, feel free to join in! Just post your link in the comments, and I’ll stop by 🙂 Check out the others here


keep the wild      Art print nude abstract signed Lustre reproduction by Aja ebsq "Femme 28" - 8x10


So you may or may not have heard about the controversy this week, over the Supreme Court’s ruling in the “Hobby Lobby” case. Basically, the Supreme Court ruled that companies could deny employees birth control because of the company’s religion. So A: yet another legislation (passed by all men, only one sided with women) regulating women’s bodies, while there remains no legislation regulating men. B: companies allowed to force their religious beliefs on their employees (doubt they’d have the same reaction if it was Muslims forcing employees to cover their hair). And C: companies and sex cells (not even fertilized eggs) are people and have more rights than women. How can you not be upset??

My favorite tweet on the subject: “we have literally arrived at the point where we let party supply stores tell women what to do with their bodies.” – @lawblob Also, if you think we are overreacting, watch this video. It might seem like a small thing, but it is part of decades of fighting for women’s rights, and this is a huge step backwards. It also opens to the doors to all kinds of claims and rights violations on the grounds of “company religion”. Since when is that a thing?

Words of Wisdom

As CampNaNoWriMo started this week, I am learning yet again the value of my peers in the writing community. All of you, you are great. 🙂


10 thoughts on “Worthy of the Week

  1. Ha! I follow @lawblob too. I missed that tweet, but I agree that it is a dangerous slippery slope when the Supreme Court starts doing stuff like this. BTW I’m in Camp Nanowrimo too! See you around the campfire!


  2. Hey! I just stumbled upon this blog and wanted to say that it’s gorgeous! I adore the font used in your header.

    On a more serious note, I could not agree more about the Hobby Lobby decision. I read a great, satirical article on Huffington Post about laws that could be changed/ignored if other religions got to bend the law the way Christians do, and although the tone was joking, the message was serious. Not only is this decision wrong for the reasons you mentioned, but it’s irrational because A: Hobby Lobby has stock in companies that make birth control, and B: using birth control is really no different from just not getting pregnant, and it will reduce the number of abortions, which you would think they would see as a greater evil. Anyway, I’ll stop ranting and just think about how far we have come as a society – I’m confident we will look back on this in history textbooks the same way we do slavery or other terrible things that used to be commonly accepted.

    Good luck with Camp NaNoWriMo!


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