CampNaNo: Halfway There

I know, this one’s a little late, but I was out of town for most of this week. So this week’s update is relatively short.

In the first week, I built enough of a cushion that I was able to relax and enjoy my vacation without worrying about word count, though I did get a few words down in my notebook. Then on the drive home, with ten hours (and boyfriend asleep the whole way) I was able to longhand a little over 1700 words in my notebook, so I didn’t get too far behind.

My word count now is 10,967 for CampNaNo, and 32,914 overall. I made the halfway point for both my NaNo target, and my word count goal overall!

I am feeling good, but am starting to get burned out on writing everyday–which I am not used to doing, at all. I usually write better in bursts. Nothing for a couple days, then sit down and write a couple chapters all at once. To fight the burnout, I’ve been reading more lately, which has helped for inspiration, to recharge, and still feel like I’m doing something bookish and productive.

I am sort of dreading the third week, as it is notorious for lack of motivation, and I’m already starting to feel it. The last few writing days, the words have been more and more like pulling teeth. I’m hoping I can stick through it though.

How is your CampNaNo journey going? How do you recharge and refresh your inspiration?


10 thoughts on “CampNaNo: Halfway There

  1. I’m not doing the Nano Wrimo, but I have a bunch of different things I do to help me when I’m having trouble writing. Reading other novels helps, as does watching movies of the same genre as my novel, and so does playing video games. I also like to go on long walks often, this helps me decompress, reducing stress and helping the imagination flow better.


    • Those are all great ideas! I’m a gamer too, though I find that just gets me too distracted and addicted, and I don’t get anything productive done (besides levelling, haha) The walks is a good idea! Hadn’t really thought of that. Thanks for commenting 🙂


  2. I thought the second week was the burn out week not the third 0_o dang it, gotta brace myself. I’ve already named myself a winner as even though I’ve not git my goal yet (on track though) I’ve written way more than I did last year xD almost twice as much actually =)


  3. Well, I can’t say the Camp has made much difference, actually, except in keeping track of the word count. I would have burned through the first three stories anyway. Stories 3 and 4 started well, but have succumbed to a clog in the plot pipe. I’ve not actually written anything since Sunday. Still: I’ve already written four times as much in the last two months as I did in the last two years in my previous project 🙂


  4. I’m not properly doing Camp Nano this year, but I did do the last Nanowrimo and I totally feel you on the burnout. What helped me the most was that I had a good friend of mine participating too, we competed for who could end up with the highest word count each day and overall. I lost, but otherwise I would have never had the motivation to finish.
    I also found that occasionally I had to sit down, set everything aside, and just think about where I was going to go next with the story, maybe with some calming music playing. These bits of meditation got more and more common by the end because even though I had been thinking about this novel for over a year at the time of writing it had truly started to move in it’s own direction away from my original plan.


    • Haha! I can be very competitive as well. Though none of my real-life writer friends are participating, I have found the support of my online friends, and the NaNoWordSprints to be very helpful. I agree, though when I sit down, I usually just try to start writing, and most of the time it ends up with more words and awesome new places in the story. They tend to do that! Thanks for commenting 🙂


  5. Writing everyday is a pain in the butt and I’ve reverted to writing in short bursts, which means that my word count stays stagnant for about three days when I’m too busy to write and then shoots up. I’m definitely starting to feel the lack of motivation as well. It’s pretty disheartening, really. I’ve started using HabitRPG to motivate myself to write and it’s working alright so far.

    I’ve been reading and watching Harry Potter with my little brother though and it really helps to make me feel better! I just find it super inspirational. Just a few magic words and the words start flowing again – who knows, maybe magic does exist? 🙂


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