Worthy of the Week


Hey all! Short post this week, since as you know I am in the middle of the moving. Thanks so much for stopping by, here is this Friday’s Worthy of the Week, a weekly breakdown of things worth sharing. If you like what you see, feel free to join in! Just post your link in the comments, and I’ll stop by 🙂 Check out the others here


For awesome character inspiration and photos like these, check out this character board.

The Witness - Character inspiration #writing #nanowrimo #face    India


Check out this powerful slam poem and video, with a message about expectations and body image that I think every girl and woman should hear.

Words of Wisdom

I think this is the one and only reason people should write. I write because there are stories inside of me, that have to come out. I write because I don’t know any other way to be.

7 thoughts on “Worthy of the Week

  1. This is were I have found some of the most important, powerful slam poems and poets I’ve ever heard (I didn’t see it while on the channel, but while browsing, in the related videos section the video you linked to popped up and I saw it then. It”s a good one; there are more).


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