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When people think of human trafficking, they usually think of third world countries, places far away. But they forget that it exists, right here at home, and is just as much of a problem–but it is a problem that most people don’t see, or choose not to.

This powerful spoken word poem speaks for itself.

Words of Wisdom

I love Rumi–another great quote that is so true for us writers.

© Katie Daisy


2 thoughts on “Worthy of the Week

  1. I love Polaris! And the visuals accompanying this poem are everything. Recently saw a documentary about child trafficking, from the US to East Asia to Africa. It’s horrifying how the federal government places so little emphasis on the issue.


    • Yes! I love the video, it really makes it that much more powerful. Yes, it is so awful. I watched a Lisa Ling special on it, centered around Washington DC, which is apparently one of the worst places for trafficking in the country. Which is extremely ironic. And they were just showing how badly funded and manned these people that are trying to help them are. And it’s happening every single night, right in the capital of our country. Completely disgusting.


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