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Hey all! Sorry I missed the post last week, as you may know I’ve been sick lately. But here is this Friday’s Worthy of the Week, a weekly breakdown of things worth sharing. If you like what you see, feel free to join in! Just post your link in the comments, and I’ll stop by 🙂 Check out the others here


These beautiful, haunting, surreal photographs.


The second two are by Kyle Thompson, who is a phenomenal photographer and artist, and more than worth looking up.


This week has been one of tragedies. Two huge celebrity deaths, Robin Williams and Lauren Bacall, and the ongoing violence in Ferguson. I think it is so important that we let Robin William’s death and suicide bring to light an often avoided topic–mental illness, depression, and suicide. I have heard many different reactions to this, varying from celebration to damnation, saying he made a weak, selfish choice and left his family behind. But I think a lot of people with that reaction have never experienced anything close to what it is like to wrestle with depression. For them, and everyone else, I have this video. I’ve also heard it compared to those who jump out of burning buildings–they don’t want to jump, but it feels like the only alternative to being burned alive, but the people on the ground don’t understand unless they have been in a burning building themselves. And this video captures something I think is so hugely important for how we deal with and talk about his death. Regardless of how you feel, he was an amazing man who touched so many lives, and it hurts my heart that he was in so much pain he saw no other option.

Words of Wisdom

Being sick and stuck in bed this week, I really felt this next one. I love books because they give me freedom, even if I feel stuck in this sick body.

INSTANT DOWNLOAD Mason Cooley Reading Quote by artkeptsimple

2 thoughts on “Worthy of the Week

  1. It came out that Robin Williams was just diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. I worked in a memory clinic for a while, and there were people that would kill themselves right after diagnosis of Alzheimers, Parkinsons, or Lewy-body dementia. There are few things as horrible as degeneration of your brain. It reminds me of the story, “Flowers for Algernon.” That story is so sad. I cry every time I read it :$

    I wanted to write a story about a soldier with PTSD who gets early onset dementia, and then ends up potentially killing himself. I wanted to end it with a hallucination to make it kind of vague. I’ve had suicidal thoughts at more than one point in my life. I don’t agree that people that kill themselves are selfish. They are in so much pain, they feel as if they can’t live another day. They see no light at the end of the tunnel. And the sad thing is that if he had Parkinson’s disease the tunnel would only get darker 😦

    I think many suicidal people hang on for as long as they do because they usually don’t want to hurt their friends and loved ones. So I don’t agree that people that kill themselves are selfish. One of my close friends had a best friend that killed himself because he was a gay man in the military. Another close friend of mine had her cousin commit suicide due to PTSD from the Iraq war. It’s horrible for everyone involved, and I hope that others stop being so judgmental about it. Robin Williams’ poor daughter was flooded with hateful messages and had to suspend her Twitter Account because of it.. There is something so wrong about that. Poor thing is already in a lot of pain. She deserves to grieve in peace.


    • Oh, wow. That is so awful. I can absolutely understand. I think it’s terrible that people have reacted that way and targeted his family. I am really hoping they can find some peace in this. Thank you for reading and commenting!


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