If a Character Shouts

If a character shouts in a forest, but there’s no one there to hear them, do they make a sound?

I’ve been absent lately, I know. For a long time. I haven’t touched any form of writing, or even had it cross my mind for more than a minute. But life has been full.

I’m working two jobs while going to school full-time, doing honors and being involved with two organizations on campus. Not to mention being an aunt to my baby niece, and trying to fit in both a social life and something resembling a love life. There just hasn’t been room for writing in my crazy, hectic, but wonderful life. And I’m okay with that right now.

It took a while, but eventually my characters fell silent. I stopped having the urge to write. I stopped feeling bad about not writing. I put my publishing dreams on hold.

Some people think that if we’re writers, we should be writing all the time. That somehow, if we’re not writing, we’re not “real” writers anymore. But honestly, if you’re a “real” writer, writing will always be a part of you. There’s ink in your blood, and it will be there whether you write everyday or don’t touch a pen for months.

I’ve been content without writing, and even without being a part of the writing community, as much as I love it. Lately, my characters have started whispering to me again. A line in a song will trigger a scene, or a snippet of dialogue will pop into my mind. I’m not sure where I stand on my manuscripts. I don’t know if I’m ready to dive back into edits, but I don’t feel strongly enough about anything new to start from scratch.

So I’m here in limbo, standing at the edge of the forest. I can hear my characters in the distance, but not enough to make me go in. I’m not ready to write yet, but I’m getting closer.

In the mean time, I’ll try to be as active as I can, and I appreciate your continued support. Y’all really are the best. Hope everything is well, writing and otherwise ❤

13 thoughts on “If a Character Shouts

  1. Being a college student and a writer myself, I completely understand. Those stories of yours can wait just a little bit longer. Plus, when you do dive back into them, you’ll have more life under your belt, more experiences that you can funnel into the book itself. Your stories will be better off for it. So keep doing what you’re doing 😉


  2. I’ve gone through spells where I just haven’t written for one reason or another, and it can be hard to get back into the flow of it all. I find that, when I am ready for it, I start slowly, re-reading bits and pieces until something sparks the fire.
    Glad you’re enjoying a (busy busy!) life in the meantime!

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  3. Hey Victoria, I’m so glad to hear that your real life is going well and it’s okay if fantasy-land is on hold. It doesn’t matter how often you write, you are a writer. You wrote a novel, that’s hardcore! Putting yourself out there on submission and in contests (where I met you) that’s the hard part, well it’s all the hard part, but you’ve gotten far and I know you’ll get even farther, when you’re ready. Until then, I’ll be here; shelving failures and writing new ones 🙂 Let me know when you’re ready to tumble back into the pit of despair, I mean writing world, I’d be happy to run through some edits with you or bounce ideas.
    Take care,


    • Haha! Thank you 🙂 I really appreciate it. I’ll probably get back into just writing for a while before I’m ready to jump into publishing and everything again, that takes a lot. But that would be great 🙂 I’d love to see you then. Good luck with your writing!


  4. I’m a college student and a writer, too, so I know what you’re going through. Writing is in our blood no matter how often or little we write. I hope you do pursue that dream of getting published. You deserve it!


  5. I’m in the same position. I had 6 months of 72 hour work weeks, and I’m back from that only to realize I have a LOT of things competing for my time still, and very few of them optional.

    Consequently, I’m not writing fiction. I wish I was, because frankly, I love writing stories when I have the time to get into it. But that time isn’t around right now. It will be, and when it is I’m sure I’ll have a storm of productivity.

    So don’t worry, writers write, but we don’t always write all the time. 🙂


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