Title: Nightfire

Genre: YA fantasy

Word count: 67,000

Status: Completed


Sixteen year old Kera has been trained to survive, in a world where shadows kill as easily as bullets. With her mother and sister, she carves out an existence in the far north of the wilds. Humanity has locked itself away from the shape-shifting monsters called Shadows, but Kera has been taught to believe humans are even more dangerous than the monsters.

When a Shadow attack leaves Kera with fragmented visions, her mother half-dead, and her sister missing, she must turn to the enemy–humans–for help. The commander of their army takes her in, though she can’t understand a human that doesn’t want her dead. She must survive in the heart of a civilization in turmoil, ostracized and alone, and forbidden to leave. Her escape lies in becoming what she hates most–a soldier. But being a soldier isn’t enough. To get what she wants, she’ll have to join up with the commander of the army himself. They set out to find her sister and find the truth about the Shadows, but there is much more to the Shadows than humanity wants to believe.

With her visions and the world of Shadows haunting her every step, Kera must become the enemy and make allies out of foes in order to find her sister, and find home again. 


Title: Ember

Genre: YA fantasy

Word count: 80,400

Status: Currently querying


Seventeen year old Falcon has spent her entire life running. Locked outside the glittering empire of Aurata, survival is a numbers game, measured in stitches to seal a wound or minutes to make a drug run that keeps her family fed. But the streets are not safe for a girl with magical Amaranthine blood when she’s worth more dead than alive.

Crow’s arms are etched with scars, and a hundred eyes haunt his dreams. As an assassin for his thirteen year old sister, the leader of the Dregs’ most violent gang, his mission is to purge the Dregs of men as vile as their father. But when Falcon becomes his latest target, his black and white world blurs to gray, and he must choose to kill this innocent Amaranthine girl, or leave everything he knows behind.

After her sister’s murder, Electra fills her role as empress but the real power lies with the corrupt Sovereign. She must cross the Barrier to join Falcon’s family in exile, in order to convince the young street rat girl to claim her birthright and forge her into the leader the empires need.

On the wrong side of the Barrier that locks the Dregs into exile, a fear of magic sparks violence and the Dregs becomes a trap. In the face of civil war and genocide, these three must find a way to survive and fight back as their world falls apart around them.


Title: Blaze (companion to Ember)

Genre: YA fantasy

Word count: 50,000

Status: In progress


After two years in the work camps, Falcon believes she has lost everything: her pack, her life, and her humanity. When she lashes out and kills her overseer, she is taken to be executed–but is brought instead to the palace of Aurata, where an old pack member awaits her. Falcon learns her ties to royalty, and the role she must play in the rebellion.

She is the Eve–the sacrifice destined to be harvested, in order to keep the Sovereign alive. She enters a deadly dance with the volatile Sovereign and the restless people, earning both sides’ love and trust without revealing her purpose, and trying to keep the empire from exploding into violence before the rebellion can carry out its plans.

On the other side of the world, her best friend and two other members of her pack have freed themselves from slavery and escaped to the empires across the ocean. Now, they must unite the four empires and rise up in another Great War, to free Aurata from the Sovereign, and bring peace to the empire forever.




16 thoughts on “MY BOOKS

  1. Some impressive work here! I myself am working on two projects at the moment – a YA fantasy Undertown as well as a more adult novel The Story of an Artist and His Muse. Hope you find representation for Ember soon, I’d definitely read it. The premise sounds fascinating, especially since I also have a character with healing powers, though how he comes by them is vastly different and they don’t kill. That wouldn’t be good for some of my other characters but it seems like Falcon’s gift of ‘healing’ will come in handy!


  2. Sounds pretty cool! I’m a little envious that you’re able to work on 2 projects at the same time because you can get a lot done that way but I’m content with my own way of handling things. 😉 Good luck with your writing and querying! Will there be a 3rd book after Blaze?


  3. These all sound interesting to me. Good luck with them!

    I was going to ask if you’ve thought about self-publishing as ebooks, but I suppose every writer has thought about that. So, have you thought about self-publishing as ebooks???


    • Thank you so much! Well, I have considered, but right now I am not super happy with the options out there for self-publishing. This is the first time I have pursued publishing at all, and I would like to first chase my dream of traditional publishing. Self-publishing isn’t out of the question as an eventual option though 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Wow, you have a lot going on, Victoria. I thought I was busy. I’m intrigued by all of them. You’re doing a great job. Good luck with your querying. I’m about to start querying the first installment of my fantasy angels series too. All the best! 😀


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