National Poetry Month

Poetry is pretty rare for me, but it does happen. Usually I write poems to capture emotions or concepts I can’t wrap logical words around. So, as National Poetry Month draws to a close, I thought I would share two of said rare poems. Enjoy 🙂



Press the pen to paper

Deep breath and fall

Fall, fall

Into words like waves

With currents and tides

Pulling you under


Hooked like the first taste

Of sweet bliss in your veins

Letters scattered, mangled

Comb through

Breathe Life


Thud. Thud. Thud.

Pounding, a pulse.

A heart

Pumping ink through my veins.



Your lips tremble with words

Words too sharp and final

Too big and heavy

For this room

For my mind to grasp


A word too dark for a person so bright

Bright and vibrant and dazzling as the sun

A word too cold for a smile so warm

Laughter so loud and smirk promising mischief

It seems so far away.

Distant. Unreal. A dream.

Wake up.

Wake up bright sun, warm smile, laughter loud.

Wake up wake up wake up


A word too sharp and final

Too big and heavy

For this room my mind

My heart

Cold swells my heart it threatens to shatter

As I pick up your pieces

And can’t help but cut myself

On the shards of you

As I try to put you back together

“It will be okay” I say

As I try to keep my own pieces

From falling apart