I write

I woke up from a nightmare today–the kind of nightmare that doesn’t stop feeling real, even after you’re awake. I found a comfort in writing that I couldn’t find anywhere else. I thought I would share what I wrote down.

I write the characters that are stronger than I am

Who fight the demons that I can’t

I write characters that face darkness, swallowed whole

But are never overcome by it

Characters that are wildfire, a blaze that can’t be put out

When my own flames have died down

Who are a light and warmth when I feel dark and cold

Who feel like home when I have none

I write characters that open my eyes, make me see the world beyond the page

In new shades – black and white and every brilliant color in between

I write to breathe, to live

When I’m not strong enough, and when I feel stronger than I’ve ever been

To dull the aches, and relish the highs

This ink is my blood

And every word makes me feel more and more alive


8 thoughts on “I write

  1. I write to give meaning to things that have none, to get closure when I can’t move on, to find order when everything around me is chaos, to tell the truth about things I had to lie about, to say goodbye to the people I had to let go, to forget my mistakes when it’s too late to go back. But I’m a writer, therefore I can never really forget. So, maybe, I write to forgive.

    You write beautifully, by the way. 🙂


  2. Over the past year I had been going through some stuff, and in the climax of it all I had a really horrifying nightmare. I woke up in the middle of the night and had two thoughts. “Oh my god that was awful” and “what a great story idea!” so I wrote it down and made a short story from it. The thing still needs some edit work, but just writing it gave me a new perspective on what I had been going through that caused the nightmare in the first place.


  3. The interesting thing about writing is how compelled we are to turn to it for relief. Be it emotional turbulence or stagnation, the first thing I feel innately called to do is WRITE (even if I’m not writing about anything specifically).

    I personally consider that a mark of a true writer — and that’s obviously what you’ve done after your nightmare. Even though it must’ve been horrible, it did succeed in impelling you to write some very pretty words. 🙂


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